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Proflo are a nationwide supplier of sprinkler and fire protection products, manhole covers, gully grates, drainage channels, ductile iron, PVC & Polyethylene pipe systems.

We strive to be the best supply chain partner that our customers can choose and to offer competitively priced products direct from quality sources to enable our clients to compete in a challenging marketplace.


Technical & Site Support

We offer a complete technical service to all our clients and consultants on a free of charge basis. We can advise on the most suitable product for the application at hand and provide certification ……..

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CPD/Lunch & Learns

Proflo wish to provide and assist as much as possible and to provide as much technical support as possible to the designers, consultants and contractors whom are involved in the pipeline industry……..

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Product Training/Commissioning

We work with contractors both on and off site to provide a vast array of training such as electrofusion and butt fusion welding. We also can train staff how to set and regulate pressure reducing valves (prv’s) ……..

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Emergency Call Out Service

Emergencies don’t always happen between 8am and 5pm and we are aware of same. Therefore, we provide a 24/7 365-day emergency call out service. We always have a member of staff on call to deal ……..

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For our Emergency Call Out Service call (01) 257 0388
or (087) 1210 071 for out of hours service.

Hydraulic Calculations

Proflo can provide a full hydraulic flow rate calculation to size your drainage channel system. With the advent of global warming it is more important now than ever to get the right sized channel system specified ……..

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Leak Detection, Pipe & Cable Location

Proflo supply leak detection, cable and pipe detection systems. From basic listening sticks, to ground microphones to high end leak correlators we will have something in our arsenal to suit your needs. ……..

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Machinery & Tool Hire

We provide a complete range of electrofusion control boxes, pipe scrapers, alignment clamps and associated fittings for purchase or hire……..

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Repair & Calibration Service

We also provide a full repair and calibration service for electrofusion control boxes leak detection devices as well as pipe and cable locators……..

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For all our services please contact us at for further details.


Valves i.e gate, check, butterfly, equilibrium, pressure reducing / sustaining, altitude, actuated. Couplings & Adaptors, dedicated, wide range, long barrel, end restraint, dismantling joints.

Ductile iron access covers & Gully gratings Full range, multiple sizes loadings A15-F900.

Bespoke fabricated galvanised mild steel access covers FACTA rated.

Drainage channel systems, all types slot, mesh etc load class A15 to F900.

Polyethylene pipe systems and associated fittings all sizes for potable and waste water applications.

Ductile iron pipes and associated fittings, all sizes EN545 & EN598.

PVC pipes and associated fittings, all sizes PAS27 and EN1452.

Sprinkler heads, flexible connections, cabinets, valves, pressure switches, alarm valves etc FM, LPCB, UL.




Data Centres

Data Centres



Distribution Depots

Distribution Depots

Service stations

Service Stations

Office blocks

Office Blocks

Shopping centres

Shopping Centres

Leak Detection

Leak Detection



Energy / Windfarms

Energy / Windfarms

Local Authority

Local Authority



landscaping / paving contractors

Landscaping / Paving Contractors










alumasc logo

Floor, shower & Roof drains, Aluminium gutters & down pipes, Cast iron gutters & down pipes, Aluminium fascia, soffit & copings, SML Cast iron soil & Waste systems

auma logo

Electric actuators.

avk logo

Gate valves, Couplings, flange adaptors, Boundary boxes, dismantling joints, prv’s, butterfly valves, check valves, equilibrium ball float valves, air valves, hydrants.

cubis logo

Pre formed chamber systems.

elster logo

Domestic and commercial water meters and data reading systems.

flexseal logo

Flexible rubber Pipe couplings, adaptors, wall seals, saddles, domestic channels, access points, flap valves, penstocks and non - return valves.

fusion logo

Electrofusion / spigot fittings for polyethylene pipe systems.

ft ductile logo

EN545 & EN598 Ductile iron pipes and fittings.

gatic logo

Slot drains, Kerb drains & access systems.

hauff-technik logo

Cable, pipe and Wall sealing systems.

hegawa logo

Repair clamps, couplings & flange adaptors, dismantling joints.

hy-ram logo

Tooling and equipment.


Duckbill non -return valves & pinch valves.


Plastic identification systems for buried valves, fittings and pipeline systems.


Zone check, Bell check, Live Tap, Pre action sprinkler heads, Pipe check.


Residential & Commercial Sprinkler heads, Flexible drops, residential drain & test valves, Wet alarm valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, OS&Y valves, Flow switches, non-return valves, flow meters, pump initiation boards, deluge valves dry riser equipment, cabinets and wet riser equipment.


Plastic identification systems for buried valves, fittings and pipeline systems.


Uni coupling, Repair clamps, under pressure tapping saddles, split barrel repair systems, tapping saddles.


Valves, dismantling joints, tapping saddles, ferrules, boundary boxes, prv’s, butterfly valves, check valves & Talbot push fit service pipe fittings.


Road plates, trench plates, safety pins, kerb ramps & Roadquake rumble strips.


Cast Iron floor and roof drainage, grease traps & stainless steel linear drainage channels.


Ductile iron access covers, gully gratings, bedding mortars, bespoke galvanised mild steel fabricated access covers, duct covers, brick paving covers, geo textiles, geo grids, tree root protection & bank stabilisation systems.


Polyethylene pipes for water applications for new installations and pipe rehabilitation.


Telecoms Cable Protection Systems Ducting Systems.

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