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Valves i.e gate, check, butterfly, equilibrium, pressure reducing / sustaining, altitude, actuated. Couplings & Adaptors, dedicated, wide range, long barrel, end restraint, dismantling joints.

Ductile iron access covers & Gully gratings Full range, multiple sizes loadings A15-F900.

Bespoke fabricated galvanised mild steel access covers FACTA rated.

Drainage channel systems, all types slot, mesh etc load class A15 to F900.

Polyethylene pipe systems and associated fittings all sizes for potable and waste water applications.

Ductile iron pipes and associated fittings, all sizes EN545 & EN598.

PVC pipes and associated fittings, all sizes PAS27 and EN1452.

Sprinkler heads, flexible connections, cabinets, valves, pressure switches, alarm valves etc FM, LPCB, UL.

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